Newly minted coins and printed cash in British currency are set to feature Charles’ image, although current ones will remain in circulation until they are gradually replaced, Reuters reported.

“As the first monarch to feature on Bank of England banknotes, the Queen’s iconic portraits are synonymous with some of the most important work we do,” the Bank of England said in a statement. “Current banknotes featuring the image of Her Majesty The Queen will continue to be legal tender. A further announcement regarding existing Bank of England banknotes will be made once the period of mourning has been observed.”

Since Charles II’s reign, it has become traditional for the monarch to face in the opposite direction to their predecessor. Therefore, the new king’s face on money is expected to now face left, Reuters said.

Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of Australia announced that its “$5 banknotes featuring the image of Her Majesty The Queen can continue to be used,” adding, “They will not be withdrawn and are likely to remain in circulation for years to come.”

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