Updated won’t be the only new devices at Apple’s forthcoming “” event. According to , the company is also readying a set of second-generation earbuds.

“The new AirPods Pro will update a model that first went on sale in October 2019,” Gurman writes in his latest . “I reported last year that new AirPods Pro would arrive in 2022, and now I’m told that Wednesday will be their big unveiling.”

Rumors about the AirPods Pro 2 have been percolating for a few years. Back in 2020, Gurman wrote that Apple had tested a prototype with a more compact design that eliminated the stems so closely associated with the company’s earbuds. At one point, Apple was also reportedly considering adding more .

More recently, the consensus has been that the new AirPods Pro won’t have a dramatically different design. Instead, they will include the company’s next-generation H1 processor for improved audio quality and battery life. The earbuds are also expected to support the company’s and come with a redesigned charging case that features more robust Find My capabilities.

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