Odin’s journey to revive his son and defeat Hel in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla‘s newest DLC, Forgotten Saga, is riddled with challenges that will require certain abilities. Players will need to spend their memories wisely to unlock useful abilities from the Niflheim tree and make their runs last longer. Fortunately, there are a couple abilities that will instantly help Odin become stronger.

Getting used to Forgotten Saga’s game mechanics can take a bit of practice but with a little guidance, Odin will be ready to fight Hel in no time. Forgotten Saga is unlike the main game in the sense that there is no quick-save option. Every time Odin dies, he will start back at the beginning with randomized weapons and armor. This may seem frustrating, but dying is actually encouraged in the game as it unlocks more features, such as the Niflheim skill tree.


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The Niflheim skill tree has two main branches, one leading up and the other down. On these branches are four valuable skills that will make the difference between life and death in the next run. The first on the upward branch is the aptly named A Good Start, this ability will ensure that the Allfather starts each run with superior quality armor.

The Best Skills to Unlock First in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Forgotten Saga

Along the upwards branch are opportunities to increase Odin’s health in Valhalla, this will also be important as the enemies become more difficult. The most important feature on the upward branch is Brush with Death, this ability will slow down time for Odin when he dodges attacks, giving him plenty of time to retaliate.

The upward branch is the perfect place to start spending memories, but to spice it up, players can also fill out the bottom branch. Here they will find Adrenaline Upgrade which will add another Adrenaline slot and the smaller skill, Fateful Fortune, which will increase the likelihood of receiving powerful Valhalla weapons and armor.

Below this, is perhaps the most powerful skill in the downward branch, Double Edge. This skill will start each of Odin’s runs with two randomized special abilities, meaning the Allfather will not have to purchase or find them.

It will take many runs to collect enough memories to unlock these abilities, but time and effort will surely pay off as Odin charges through the realms of Niflheim. Be sure to try out different weapons and play-styles to keep things exciting. So long as the basics of the Niflheim skill tree are unlocked, Odin will be ready to dive headfirst into Helheim.

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