Brian Kelly was at the helm of LSU football for the first time on Sunday night. After going into the half down 7-3 against FSU, he got trolled like crazy.

All of the success that Brian Kelly had while at Notre Dame was going to lead to immediate expectations as he took over the LSU football program. Such was the case coming into the season opener on Sunday night in New Orleans against Florida State.

However, things did not go to plan for the Tigers in the first half against the Seminoles.

Jayden Daniels was named the starting quarterback and, while he was productive as a runner, the Tigers offense didn’t find a consistent rhythm in the first 30 minutes of play, managing just one field goal thanks to a missed attempt on another red-zone trip. Meanwhile, Florida State scored on a 39-yard touchdown pass and then failed to capitalize on a muffed punt they recovered, turning the ball over on downs near the end of the half.

All told, LSU went into the locker room trailing 7-3 at halftime and college football fans were not shy about letting Kelly have it.

LSU football: Brian Kelly getting trolled while trailing at halftime in debut vs. Florida State

The jokes, the memes, and the trolling were relentless at halftime with Kelly as the primary target.

Hilariously, in his pregame interview talking about his decision to start Daniels, the infamous southern accent Kelly donned while being introduced at LSU on a few occasions went away, which was an obvious target for the trolls.

Meanwhile, his lack of big-game success was also part of the equation as well with social media going after him letting the Tigers down here as well.

Suffice it to say, what Kelly showed in his first 30 minutes as the head coach of LSU were not at all what the fans down in the Bayou were expecting.

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