After the Week 1 blunder on Monday Night football for Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett the team has hired some help with clock management.

After the Week 1 loss to the Seattle Seahawks that saw a really questionable clock management decision Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett admitted he made the wrong call.

In the late stages of that game, Hackett let the play clock nearly expire with under a minute to go the team finally called a timeout. After that, they attempted a 64-yard field goal and lost the game after the kick was no good.

This is not the only example of Hackett mishandling in-game duties and the clock that has left fans scratching their heads. But after two weeks Hackett and the team are doing the right thing and bringing in a veteran coach to assist and hopefully fix those issues as they’ve reportedly brought in Jerry Rosburg to “assist with game management”.

Broncos, Nathaniel Hackett hire Jerry Rosburg to improve game management

One thing that should encourage Bronco fans about this right away is that Hackett is willing to admit deficiencies. Too often coaches have issues with ego and not being able to admit they need assistance. The willingness to figure things out and do it early before things potentially spiral and get worse is a really encouraging thing.

Jerry Rosburg retired a few years ago after a long stint with the Baltimore Ravens and plenty of stops before that. He is a really respected coach amongst NFL circles and has been around a lot of good time and game management in his career. Time will tell if this move pays off for the Broncos but it’s clear that Hackett whats to get this right and quickly.

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