The Washington Nationals have a practically permanent spot at the bottom of the MLB Power Rankings. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

In this week’s MLB Power Rankings, teams like the St. Louis Cardinals ride the lightning toward the playoffs while the Boston Red Sox fade to black in the final few weeks.

Welcome to September! The first MLB Power Rankings of the month with only four weeks to go in the regular season. Players on about half of the teams have already made vacation plans for October. Others know they’ll be away from home at least a little bit longer.

Each week, the MLB Power Rankings offer movement all over the list. Although we have essentially seen the same bottom teams remain the same and a similar situation occur at the top, it’s those second-tier clubs that continue to yo-yo.

This week is no exception. With so much on the line and every MLB game feeling a lot more crucial, teams are aiming more than ever to feel a little more like He-Man. Who is raising their swords up this week with the most power?

30) MLB Power Rankings: Washington Nationals

Let’s glue the Washington Nationals into the last-place spot in the MLB Power Rankings already. With about a month of the season left to go, it’s hard to imagine anyone finishing off more poorly than them.

This season was never about actually competing in Washington. Fans will just have to cross their fingers and hope the next generation of talent is as good as the crew that helped them win the 2019 World Series.

29) MLB Power Rankings: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates have gotten a bit more tolerable to watch these days if only because they do have some exciting young players. Oneil Cruz can hit the ball harder than any other position player and throw it pretty well, too. Much like the Nationals, this team was never expected to be a serious contender.

There is one sad difference between the Pirates and a few of the other teams near the bottom of the MLB Power Rankings. Far routinely have they found themselves this low. Yet again, this ball club will be picking high in the draft. There’s little room for error in who they select. Until there’s an ownership change, Pirates fans are just going to have to hold their breath that every young player becomes a star.

28) MLB Power Rankings: Oakland Athletics

The worst team in the American League has consistently been a label to slap on the Oakland Athletics. Maybe not as abominable as they should be, at least catcher Sean Murphy is having a good year only to probably become offseason trade bait.

There is hardly any excitement around this team because many of the players on the major league roster are already in the latter part of their 20s. There’s no influx of young future stars eating up innings or at-bats. It’s going to be a while before they are good again. What city will they represent when it happens?

27) MLB Power Rankings: Detroit Tigers

Flip a coin for the number 27 spot. If it’s tails, give it to the team with a mascot that has a long one; the Detroit Tigers. There is a justification to move them up one spot but we can also punish them for remaining one of the season’s biggest disappointments.

Other than an impressive bullpen, there hasn’t been much to compliment the Tigers on this season. Many of the young players have either underperformed or gotten hurt. The same goes for many of the veterans. It’s up to the Pistons or Red Wings to save the city. Let’s not put any of our faith into the Lions.

26) MLB Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals

Remember the coin flip? If it was heads, we should give it to the team with a mascot that wears the biggest crown on his head. In that case, it’s the Kansas City Royals. Maybe slightly better than the Tigers by season’s end, there isn’t much to like about this ball club either.

Brady Singer seems to have found himself in the rotation this year and Bobby Witt Jr. is having an unremarkable yet still productive season at the plate. There are some growing signs of a slightly better future. Don’t bank on it quite yet. This team is far from competitive but may find themselves benefiting from the division they play in.

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