“I think that people tune in to see the original characters that were a part of the show, and that was the five girls from season one,” she explained. “Throughout the seasons, they started adding and adding and adding, and by that, it dilutes the recipe. Now they have the sauce, but the recipe is not the same, you know? It’s gonna be like, owning your favorite pizzeria and you’re like ‘God, I love that Bolognese.’ And then the chef goes on vacation to France, and you’re like, ‘Oh s–t, this is like a s—ty, watered-down version of the Bolognese that I used to like.'”

“It’s just my opinion,” she continued. “It’s like you watched the Sex and the City remake and you’re like, ‘Where the f–k is Samantha?’ It just doesn’t work.”

In episode 10 of season five, fellow realtor Emma Hernan told Mary Fitzgerald and Oppenheim Group boss Jason Oppenheim that rival Quinn offered one of her clients $5,000 to not work with her. Quinn vehemently denied this accusation in the same episode, noting, “There’s absolutely no truth to this. I don’t know why Emma is once again trying to make me look bad and stir the pot and make up lies about me.”

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