A young girl attending a Washington Nationals game tried to catch a game ball and got intercepted by a classless adult. In response, the Nationals sent the girl a gift.

A young girl attended a Washington Nationals game with her softball team for Youth Champions Day. She almost went home with one of the most special gifts, a game ball she would’ve caught.

However, a classless adult man jumped in front of the young girl’s glove and stole the ball from her and her friends.

Washington invited the girls’ team to the game and outfielder Joey Meneses threw a ball to the girls specifically as a souvenir. The girl’s mother Tweeted the incident and asked if they could send her a ball signed by Meneses, and Washington responded and is sending a gift to try to right the unfortunate situation.

For that, the Nationals are clearly a class act that care about their young fans.

The Nationals respond to the stolen ball incident extremely well

Washington, of course, didn’t have to do anything in the incident. However, they selflessly went to the lengths of contacting the girl’s mother and sending a gift as an apology. She’ll likely remember this for life and her experience as a Washington fan will be positive.

The Nationals may not be on track to postseason success, but they are certainly winning the season for wholesome acts of kindness with their response. This was one of the best ways they could’ve handled the incident, and they didn’t hesitate.

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