Clmbr’s at-home climbing machine offers a Peloton-esque experience for those folks wanting to practice going up and down, instead of forward. The company is today unveiling its new model, the Clmbr O2, with a number of hardware refinements for greater stability. But it’s the new service, Clmbr Vision, that’ll be the most interesting to explore when it makes it debut. The company says that Vision will offer “live, dynamic coaching and feedback while [users] exercise.”

Sadly Vision isn’t coming until the start of 2023, but users can enjoy many of the tweaks the new-and-improved O2 will offer. That includes a simplified center console that improves the machine’s overall strength, and new gears and brakes that provide a broader range of resistance options. These changes will also, it’s promised, improve the lifespan of the machine (key, given how much time you’ll spend thrashing around on it). Not to mention an improved display, which is thinner and offers “crisper graphics” and more responsiveness, as well as the tech needed to offer Vision.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when users can benefit from the new live coaching, but the price isn’t changing. The O2 will set you back $2,799, much as the current model does (except, like now, when it’s on sale). Early birds who put their cash down between September 1st and October 31st, however, will be able to snag the machine for $2,295, with shipping expected to start in December. 

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