The Chicago Cubs could bring back a member of the 2016 World Series team, Ben Zobrist, into a front office role.

While the Cubs World Series team of 2016 may seem like a long time ago to fans and prognosticators alike, Chicago may try to bridge the gap.

Zobrist has explored a front office role previously, and recent reports linked him to a job in Chicago. While the former super-utility player won’t be on the field with the Cubs, he may use his baseball mind to help mold the next Chicago World Series ream (or fans hope).

“We haven’t talked about a specific role, but I’d love to have him around spring training and have him around the guys,” Jed Hoyer said, “because I do think it is a perspective and a career, and a work ethic, that I think is unique.”

Hoyer is correct about Zobrist, he does have a unique eye for the game, and for talent itself. He’d be an intriguing scout or coach one day, assuming that’s the path he takes to remain close to the game.

Cubs: Could Ben Zobrist expand his role with the team?

Thus far, Zobrist’s role with the team has consisted of mostly team reunions, fan events and what Hoyer described as “alumni-type stuff”. That could all change soon, if Zobrist is open to it.

“He’s got a real fresh perspective on baseball, for a lot of reasons,” Hoyer added. “His versatility gives him a really fresh perspective. He was a little bit of an older prospect, a little bit more self-made than some guys; that’s a really nice perspective. And he was a switch-hitter. And I don’t think the game came as easy to him as some; he really grinded and prepared unbelievably well.”

Chicago remains a few years away from completing their rebuild, but they do have some pieces in place. Having the right coaches, scouts and player influences can speed up matters.

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