Dana Holgorsen put out a PSA to Houston fans about not eating those Texas Tech tortillas.

If you eat one of them rolled up Texas Tech tortillas, you’re gonna be in for a bad time, bruh.

Houston Cougars head coach Dana Holgorsen knows all about Lubbock and its tortilla-slinging ways. It does not matter if Patrick Mahomes fires you one from the Jones AT&T Stadium stands, you do not eat one of those rolled up tortillas. Oh, there will be a treat of sorts in there alright, but there is more likely to be a battery surprise than a Redbull you can mix with some vodka later on.

With Houston joining the Big 12 next year, this is the new rivalry we did not know that we needed!

Dana Holgorsen warns Houston fans to not eat a rolled up Texas Tech tortilla

With Joey McGuire taking over the football team in Lubbock, the hope is the Red Raiders will return to national prominence one day soon. If they are anything close to what they were when Mike Leach was raiding some air over a decade ago, we are in for a real treat. Unfortunately, if you eat one of those rolled up Texas Tech tortillas raining down on the field, you are in for a rough night…

That’ll be the day that Holgorsen dies when he takes a bite into one of them Red Raider rollups. This is not roller food you want to put into your body. It is so easy to fall in love with local cuisine, but a love for real not fade away needs to become your modus operandi. If you are the bravest person in The Lone Star State and open up one of these, “well, we weren’t expecting y’all either.”

Ultimately, this is why we love college football so much. Fans getting a little rowdier than expected for the love of their fanbase. It’s not hooliganism, but it’s even better than the real thing. Players are used to batteries and pennies drilling their domes on the reg as they walk out of the visiting team’s tunnel. The best way to hush them up buttercup is to run train on ’em and win that puppy!

If you are not fired up for the latest installment of the Redbull Rollup, you need to go shotgun one!

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