An eye-popping image of highly sensitive government documents recovered by the FBI during the Mar-a-Lago raid was released Tuesday night … as the feds accused the 45th President of “likely” trying to obstruct their investigation by hiding the materials.

The stunning photo was part of a new 36-page Department of Justice filing and showed what appeared to be dozens of documents marked “Top Secret” and “Secret” strewn across a floor inside Donald Trump‘s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

In the filing, the DOJ said government docs kept in a storage facility at Mar-a-Lago were “likely concealed and removed from the storage room and that efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government’s investigation.” And several of these docs were found in Trump’s desk.

So far, the feds say they have reclaimed over 320 classified docs from Mar-a-Lago, and more than 100 of them were snagged during the FBI search on August 8.

The DOJ’s latest filing came in opposition to Trump’s formal request to appoint a special master to review the documents removed from Mar-a-Lago. The feds argue that Trump has pushed an “incomplete and inaccurate narrative” and they needed to correct the record with this latest filing.

As you know, FBI agents swarmed Mar-a-Lago earlier this month while executing a search warrant to get back hundreds of classified documents Trump allegedly took from the White House after he lost the election.

The feds are trying to figure out how these docs could compromise national security. Many of them were in a basement where visitors had access.

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