Everything I Know About Love isn’t just a love letter to friendship—it’s also an ode to the very specific time period it’s set in: 2012.

The Peacock series based on Dolly Alderton‘s bestselling memoir of the same name follows childhood BFFs Maggie (Emma Appleton) and Birdy (Bel Powley) as they move into their first London flat with their two college pals, Nell (Marli Siu) and Amara (Aliyah Odoffin). Together, they navigate bad dates, career woes, heartaches and humiliations—all while rocking the very best (and worst!) fashions the 2010s gave us.

One of the biggest aesthetics of the time was “indie sleaze,” a fashion era defined by skinny jeans, smudged eyeliner, cropped leather jackets, beanies and practically anything from American Apparel. For Appleton, donning all of these on Everything I Know About Love was “a blast from the past.”

“There were really iconic things that I did have, like the American Apparel disco trousers,” she told E! News in an exclusive interview. “I put them on and I was like, ‘You know what? I’d wear these out again.'”

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