Someone check on Freddie Freeman, he may have Jacob deGrom nightmares now. 

The Mets faced the Dodgers on Wednesday night in what could be an NLCS preview. With Jacob deGrom on the mound, New York managed to get two runs across for a 2-1 victory.

deGrom was his vintage self, even making Los Angeles first baseman Freddie Freeman look silly. Freeman had plenty of experience facing deGrom, but it was all for naught.

Prior to his outing, deGrom reportedly told Charlie Freeman — Freddie’s son — that he was going to strike out his father. He then proceeded to do just that with a 101 mph fastball. That ought to count as double, considering he ruined Charlie’s hopes and dreams, along with embarrassing his father. Sheesh!

Freeman was far from the only hitter deGrom humiliated on Wednesday night, though.

Safe to say his slider was on.

Mets: Jacob deGrom got the best of Freddie Freeman and his son

Charlie Freeman did nothing to deserve such treatment. Yet, deGrom treated him like an average opposing fan, tossing aside his love for his father, and making Freddie look rather human on a 100+ heater.

Brandon Nimmo was the deciding factor in the Mets’ win, as he pulled back a potential home run off the bat of Justin Turner to maintain New York’s lead.

deGrom was reaching the end of his leash at that point, and the likes of Edwin Diaz did the rest.

As for Diaz, he entered the game with a live performance from Timmy Trumpet himself, making for one of the more memorable closer entrances of all-time.

If this is what October’s going to be like at Citi Field, sign me up for a game or two. The Mets are the hottest ticket in town — at least with deGrom on the bump (and a live musical performance to boot).

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