Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Craig Kimbrel changed his walk-in music just a few weeks ago, and he’s pitched perfectly ever since.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Craig Kimbrel changed his walk-in music just a few weeks ago to “Let It Go” from the hit Disney movie Frozen. It’s proven to be an iconic move because he’s pitched perfectly ever since. Since using it, he hasn’t allowed a hit in six appearances and has an ERA of 0.00, according to Talkin’ Baseball on Twitter.

It’s a welcome development for Dodgers fans, as Kimbrel has been struggling throughout this season. Overall, he’s produced an ERA of 3.88, batting average against of .245 and WHIP of 1.40. He’s had just two seasons comparable over his 13-season career. Over his entire career, he’s produced an ERA of 2.30, BAA of .165 and WHIP of 0.99. Kimbrel has proven in past seasons that he’s capable of much more, and like Elsa, Kimbrel is embracing his magical potential and letting it go.

He’s needed a change this season, and it seems that walk-in songs have been all the rage in getting players in the right mindset.

Sure, it was unexpected that the most popular song from the Frozen soundtrack would have such a positive impact on his performance, but regardless, it’s working.

Frozen is doing wonders for Dodgers pitcher Craig Kimbrel

This is the third-worst season of Kimbrel’s entire career. This is also his first season with the Dodgers, who have some of the best pitching stats in the league, so he has a lot to prove. Switching his walk-in music to Frozen may have been the uplifting touch he needed to make him stand out.

Los Angeles needs to cling to whatever will bring them success as they approach the post-season. They’re on track to potentially make the World Series, and they shouldn’t make any moves that’ll mess with their success.

According to FanGraphs, they have a 100 percent chance of making the playoffs and a 17.6 percent chance of winning the World Series, which is the highest chance among all teams.

They also have the best league ERA (2.88), opponent batting average (.210) and WHIP (1.06). If Kimbrel can continue his new-found success, he’ll be a solid asset to the team.

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