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One of the big free agent names that is still on the open market is former New York Mets outfielder Michael Conforto. During an offseason workout, Conforto injured his shoulder, and subsequently underwent surgery. For Conforto to play in the postseason, he will have to sign with a team on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

According to Pat Ragazzo of Fan Nation, Conforto recently received a two-year, $30 million contract offer from the American League-leading Houston Astros. Ragazzo also notes that even though “several playoff bound clubs” have had talks with Conforto’s side, there is “no indication that a deal is close.”

Astros reportedly made recent offer to free agent outfielder Michael Conforto

The Astros not only have the best record in the AL, but hold a pivotal tiebreaker over the New York Yankees if things were to get interesting at the end of the regular-season. The Yankees looked to improve their roster to catch up with the Astros at the trade deadline. Yet, Houston decided to bolster their roster by adding catcher Christian Vazquez and first baseman Trey Mancini.

When looking at Houston, they could stand to add an outfielder for their push to the postseason. Adding Conforto to the mix could make it a positive transaction, depending on how he would perform post-shoulder surgery.

Conforto spent his entire career with the Mets, and last played in the 2021 campaign. Last year, the outfielder recorded a .232 batting average, a .729 OPS, 14 home runs, 55 RBI, and 94 hits in 125 games.

The deadline is on. If Conforto wants to be postseason eligible, he will have to sign at the end of Aug. 31.

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