Irene Aldana came from behind to defeat Macy Chiasson at UFC 279.

History was made at UFC 279, when Irene Aldana achieved a never-before-seen TKO stoppage of Macy Chiasson, dropping her with a liver kick from the bottom. It was a wild affair that saw both women absolutely maul one another. The first round saw both Aldana and Chiasson trading shots on their feet.

Neither landed anything too heavy but both put in a lot of effort and movement throughout. It looked too close to call until Chiasson went for a take-down attempt and bounced off the cage, allowing Aldana to take top position and go for some submission attempts.

The second round saw Chiasson take control of the ground for most of the action. While Aldana did put a fight here and there, Chiasson dominated the round with submission attempts and good ol’ fashion ground and pound. She even at one point smashed a dozen or so elbows into the side of Aldana’s head.

The third round was where it all mattered for Irene Aldana

The third round was going Chiasson’s way, even getting Aldana on her back, but an up kick from Aldana’s back saw a perfectly placed heel land into her liver and dropped her, giving Aldana the victory.

Aldana will certainly be someone the UFC looks at a potential title shot in the not-too-distant future with her having three wins in a row and going 8-2 in her last 10. UFC 279 was already a wild night and this fight was just another reason why.

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