Is GameStop open on Labor Day?

Video games are many people’s favorite hobby. Regardless of your favorite game, everyone enjoys having fun, plugging in, and just getting to hang out and get immersed in a story.  GameStop is the go-to store for all things video games and has been for a long time.

With hundreds of different titles, for all different types of consoles, GameStop indeed does have something for everyone. Whether you’re into more old-school games, or a fan of the new-school games, such as Fortnite, GameStop has it all.

Gamestop hours: Is Gamestop open or closed on Labor Day 2022?

GameStop will undoubtedly be open on Labor Day and will even feature some sales as well. While it’s still a bit unclear what the sales will be on, the sales will definitely be there. Not only will GameStop be open on Labor Day, but they will also be open during their regular business hours as well.

All GameStops can vary, so the best bet is to call ahead and make sure your local GameStop is open at the time you wish to go. If you are in need of your latest gaming fix, GameStop is the place for you. Whether you want the newest Playstation game, or the newest Xbox game, or even a major PC game, GameStop has it all.

Not to mention, GameStop also features some fun collectibles for all gamers. These include but aren’t limited to Funko POP! figures, action figures, apparel, and more. GameStop is the go-to place for all things video games, and a perfect place for gamers of all backgrounds.

GameStop will be running a Labor Day Sale as well. Although there has been speculation on what will be on sale, the common consensus is that there should be sales on gaming equipment, controllers, some toy items, and video games themselves as well.


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