Will Subway be open on Labor Day this year? Find out if you’re lunch will be set on Monday afternoon during your day off.

Subway has been a long-time sandwich staple since 1965. The popular restaurant chain has been known to please customers with their variety of options day in and day out, no matter what time during the workday or in the evenings. The shop has been known for the five-dollar foot long, carry-out pizzas, and made-to-order cookies as a few of its main favorites.

Labor Day is it time for rest in relaxation for many Americans. It is one of the few mandated off days of the year where the vast majority don’t work and decide to spend time at home with their families or on vacation. It allows people to unwind and recharge as the fall restarts, school is back in session, and it’s right around the corner from a busy holiday season. Coupling all that together really does make Labor Day one of the best off days of the entire yearly calendar. It also marks the unofficial end of summer.

But this also begs the question about whether or not popular fast food restaurants, like Subway, for example, will be open while many people will be at home? It’s a topic that gets discussed every year right around the holiday season, with Labor Day being no exception.

Will Subway be open on Labor Day?

Like most restaurants and establishments, the answer is yes — Subway will be open on Labor Day. However, depending on where you live, the hours may vary by location. So if you’re thinking of buying a sandwich, double-checking which open times align with your schedule is not a bad idea.

Regardless of your plans, enjoy the day off with friends, family, and the people who you are closest to.

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