Get ready to riff-off.

Seven years since his last appearance in Pitch Perfect 2, Adam Devine‘s Bumper Allen takes his quest for stardom to Germany in the official trailer for Peacock’s new series Bumper in Berlin, which premieres Nov. 23.

That quest begins with a phone call from fellow Pitch Perfect alum Flula Borg, whose character Pieter Krämer encourages Bumper to bring his talents overseas after a TikTok of his goes viral in Berlin. As Bumper exclaims in the first look, “I’m moving to Germany, baby.”

Upon arriving in Europe, he meets his new assistant Heidi (Sarah Hyland), who immediately catches his eye. With help from Pieter’s sister Thea (Lera Abova), the group works to get Bumper a spot performing at the Germany Unity Day concert, or as Heidi describes it, “It’s like the Fourth of July meets a Super Bowl Halftime Show.”

But achieving that goal comes with its challenges, namely Bumper’s over-the-top, German pop star nemesis Gisela (Jameela Jamil)—not to mention some uncharacteristic stage fright, as seen in the trailer.

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