E!: What is your favorite Jonas Brothers song? 

JJ: I wrote a song called “Hesitate” that is always a little tough to sing live because it’s from deep in the heart. And on the fun side, we’ve been playing a lot of the older stuff. Our Vegas shows, we made a conscious decision to make every show different and no song is in the same spot. And so we played “Still In Love With You,” which was really fun and that brought me back. “Sucker” is just always gonna be one that you sing and you just feel like you don’t need to sing it [because] the crowd is singing it to you.

E!: You turned 33 not that long ago. Three has got to be good number for you: 33, you’ve got three brothers, three members in DNCE.

JJ: Absolutely. I’m all about 33. I make jokes, but I genuinely love getting older. We level up. Every year, I learn something new about myself and people around me. It’s been a great year thus far and I’m really grateful.

E!: What are your hopes for your 33rd year?

JJ: I hope I continue to do this. It’s pretty broad, but I’m lucky enough that I get to do this. I’m grateful enough that I get to do this every single day—that I’m doing what I love for a living. I’d like to play some more shows, another big tour.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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