Is McDonald’s open on Labor Day?

Death, taxes, and the McDonald’s ice cream machine being broken.

There are so few things in life you can count on, and those are three.

(BTW this website tells you which machines are broken across the US … you’re welcome)

Another thing you can count on is for McDonald’s to remain open on Labor Day and pretty much every other holiday. Be sure to check your local one first though because many are franchises which means they can make up their own hours.

According to, “Most McDonald’s restaurants open at 5:00 am, but it may vary depending upon your location. McDonald’s is a franchise business, so the owners are entirely independent of the opening and closing times. They can set their own opening time which suits their business. Still, the vast majority of the McDonald’s franchises use to start serving their customers. From 5:00 am they start serving breakfast with the full menu.”

McDonalds hours: Is Mcdonald’s open or closed on Labor Day 2022?

There are actually no days where Mcdonald’s is listed as closed, not even Christmas Day.

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