The New York Mets have almost completely squandered their NL lead over the Braves with three inexplicable losses to terrible teams.

What on earth is going on with the Mets? Well, besides being quintessentially Mets-y.

New York’s lead over the Braves in the division has all but evaporated after three straight losses to bottom-of-the-barrel teams.

Coming off a 2-1 series win over the Dodgers, the Mets had to feel pretty good. Then they lost two of three to the Nationals and fell again on Tuesday night to the Pirates.

They are the first team since 1938 to be more than 35 games above .500 and lose three straight-games against teams that are more than 35 games under .500, per ESPN Stats & Info.

The Mets have let the Braves back into the NL East race

Mets fans have had ample reason to buy into this team but their faith is continually undercut by stretches like this.

These aren’t just losses. They’re blowouts. The Nationals beat NY 7-1 in each of the last two games of the series. The Pirates beat them 8-2.

This should have been an easy run to October. The Mets had a significantly easier strength of schedule in the final month than the Braves. Yet they’ve dropped games against the worst opponents. Atlanta’s strong form is one thing. Making it easier for them is the problem.

Braves fans are laughing at New York right now and they’re totally in their rights to do so.

There’s still time to buckle down and make sure the division isn’t lost. New York built the lead they did by taking care of business against the dregs of the league. They need toget back to that.

It would just be the most Mets thing ever to end up in the Wildcard after controlling the NL East for most of the season.

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