The New York Mets seem to be losing steam in their rotation the past few games, and Jacob deGrom may be the key to changing that.

The New York Mets have lost some steam in their rotation over the past few games. On Sunday, they lost their last game of the series against the Colorado Rockies, which is a team they should’ve easily beaten. On Tuesday, they lost against the Los Angeles Dodgers, a more difficult opponent, but still an important game to win.

The Dodgers are a likely playoff opponent, so a Mets win would strongly help the team. deGrom is in the matchup for Wednesday night, and he’s been highly reliable so far this season. He may be what the Mets need to pull off a win.

Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom could lead to a win against the Dodgers

The matchup for Wednesday night will be deGrom vs. Tyler Anderson. Anderson is a great pitcher and has produced an ERA of 2.69, batting average against of .219 and WHIP of 1.02. However, he likely won’t be a challenge for deGrom.

deGrom takes pitching to the next level. He just made his season debut earlier this month after not playing since July of 2021. He wasted no time coming back and has produced an ERA of 2.15, BAA of .139 and WHIP of 0.55.

This isn’t just a matter of good luck, either. Over deGrom’s nine-season career, he’s produced an ERA of 2.49, BAA of .212 and WHIP of 1.00. He’s been solid ever since he made his MLB debut, and he’s a priority for the Mets.

If New York wants to continue strengthening their postseason success, deGrom will have to be an un-hittable ace.

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