The New York Yankees must mirror the 2017 Houston Astros, despite controversy, if they want to succeed far into the postseason, per one MLB writer.

The New York Yankees are struggling significantly this month. Despite sitting at the top of the AL East standings, they’ve lost all but one series in August. Joel Sherman of the New York Post believes the Yankees need to “emulate the 2017 Houston Astros” to fix their issues.

Sherman doesn’t mean New York should go out and steal signs. However, the Astros were in the position in 2017 the Yankees are now. According to Sherman, “In August of 2017, [they had] the worst August winning percentage in history for a team that would go on to win the World Series.”

New York is, unfortunately, falling apart before our eyes. They have half of their starting rotation and several other key players on the injured list. Aaron Judge is essentially the backbone of any success New York has, which is unsustainable on many levels.

In the idea that the Yankees have several parallels to the 2017 Astros during the regular season, they need to follow by example.

The Yankees would benefit from being like the 2017 Astros

If the Yankees can pull off a turnaround like the Astros did, it could lead to the postseason success fans so desperately covet.

One of their most concerning results was the recent split of the series against the Oakland Athletics. The Athletics are one of the worst teams in MLB and should’ve served as an easy series win for New York.

Among the entire league, the Athletics have the worst batting average (.216) and on-base percentage (.280). They have the second-worst slugging percentage (.337) and OPS (.622). Their pitching is slightly better, but still far below league average.

Given their recent struggles, perhaps emulating the Astros makes more sense than one would think. Just don’t steal signs or bang garbage cans, please

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