After struggling to put up points on Texas, Nick Saban threw the rest of Alabama’s offense under the bus while praising Bryce Young.

Texas shocked the college football world by almost shocking Nick Saban’s Alabama in Austin on Saturday.

Somehow, the Longhorns managed to limit the Crimson Tide to just 20 points, who won the game on a field goal in the final seconds.

Alabama couldn’t pull away because of a slew of penalties and head-scratching moments, like drops and the inability to get half a yard on fourth down.

After the game, Saban credited the resiliency of his team while highlighting the performance of Bryce Young. He also made it clear the rest of Alabama’s offense was not good enough.

Nick Saban on Alabama’s offense vs. Texas

“Players around [Young] have got to play well too,” Saban said. “Quarterback is a hard position to play when players around you don’t play well.”

It sure sounds like throwing the players around the quarterback under the bus.

The performance wasn’t good enough for Saban not to be critical of many aspects of the team’s performance. The defense made costly penalties throughout. The offense was stilted, with punts on six-straight possessions. Four of those were three-and-outs.

Young is clearly a huge talent. His scramble away from contact on a late scoring drive is probably a Heisman Moment that’ll be brought up in December.

And playmakers like Jahmyr Gibbs and Jase McClellan have plenty to give. However, when Gibbs, the running back, leads the team in receptions and receiving yards, there will be questions in the receiving corps. And when Young is sacked twice, hurried seven times and constantly under pressure, there will be questions about the offensive line.

Saban didn’t say anything others weren’t thinking.

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