Ohio State and Michigan fans came together to troll Michigan State and Mel Tucker for getting absolutely routed by Minnesota.

There aren’t many things that Ohio State and Michigan fans agree on.

Laughing at Michigan State is one of them.

That unifying activity got to play out on Saturday as the Spartans suffered their second straight loss in painful fashion.

After being bested by Washington, Michigan State returned home with another tough test against undefeated Minnesota. The Gophers were merciless and the Spartans were toothless. The game was 34-0 late in the fourth quarter until Michigan State scored a touchdown with 17 seconds remaining to stem the bleeding.

Michigan State fans get trolled by Ohio State, Michigan fans and college football media

The media blasted Mel Tucker’s team while rival fans couldn’t stop laughing at the state of the Spartans.

The fact that Tucker received a huge new contract and has since fallen flat on his face definitely feeds the trolling that Michigan State is on the other end of.

Where once they had all the optimism in the world, the Spartans are now in a rough spot. Tucker is getting paid as much as he is to keep the football program relevant. Instead, it’s September and fans are ready to turn their eyes to basketball. That’s not good.

And things aren’t likely to get much better. Next week they travel to Maryland, a team that just gave Michigan a game. Then they face Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Playing the way they are right now, they might not find in a win in those four.

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