Lolo Jones has held many titles in her life, and is now ready to add mom to that list.

The Olympian, who has been documenting her fertility journey on social media, got candid in a recent interview about her decision to freeze her eggs after searching for a partner to start a family with. “Being a good mom is very difficult, especially in today’s society,” Jones told Good Morning America. “Do I have the capabilities and skill set to care for someone? “I’d like the chance.”

The process of egg retrieval is no small fete—which Jones is exceedingly aware of. “I have been crashing a bobsled at 90 miles an hour,” she noted. “I’ve had hamstring injuries, spine surgery, and nothing was more terrifying than starting to even look up the process of egg freezing.”

Jones shared on Good Morning America that with the help of doctors, she was able to retrieve 27 eggs, 17 of which are viable for fertilization in the future.

In August, Jones gave her Instagram followers an inside look at the process, posting a video of an ultrasound with screenshots of comments from the public—both negative and positive. 

“It’s not a guarantee but it simply gives you more options,” Jones captioned an Aug. 10 post. “I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted.”

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