Rodgers had high expectations to meet for his rookie campaign, but only reeled in 20 balls for 166 yards and no scores. This year, Green Bay must get creative with how they employ the second-year player out of Clemson.

The 22-year-old was a second-round pick in last year’s draft, and was expected to emerge as a key target alongside Davante Adams. Now that Adams has been traded to Vegas, the Packers and Aaron Rodgers need Amari more than ever.

In order to perhaps get Rodgers into the game a little more often, Brian Gutekunst hinted at using him at running back.

“The emergence of Amari Rodgers doing some stuff back there, I think on gameday can help us as well. We have some flexibility there,” Gutekunst said.

Rodgers is also the frontrunner to return kicks and punts in Year 2, as Green Bay doesn’t solely view him as a wide receiver.

Packers must get creative with Amari Rodgers

Using Rodgers at running back could help ease some of the burden on star rushers AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones. While Rodgers would get more than 3-to-5 carries a game tops, the change of pace should open up more holes for these bruisers.

Patrick Taylor and Tyler Goodson, both of whom were signed back to the practice squad, are also available as depth options. Consider Rodgers more of an explosive threat, however.

As a Percy Harvin-type, Rodgers expands his value and role on a contending team. It helps that coming out of Clemson, many NFL scouts thought Rodgers could be used as a depth running back, as well.

As if the Packers offense could get any scarier. Matt LaFleur added a new wrinkle, and it doesn’t even involve No. 12.

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