It was kicker carnage in Week 1, and Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell’s miss doinked so hard that it belongs in a museum.

Let’s spare hyperbole, the end of the Bengals-Steelers showdown in Week 1 was absolute chaos.

Three consecutive times kickers from either side stepped up with a chance to walk off with a win, and each time he missed.

Bengals kicker Evan McPherson missed twice; once on a blocked extra point at the end of regulation and again in overtime. That overtime miss led to a chance for Chris Boswell to win things for the Steelers but he also missed.

Of the three missed kicks, Boswell’s was by far the finest. It transcends merely being a missed kick and instead is a work of art worthy of hanging in art institutes around the world.

It’s not that he missed it, or the context in which he missed it — which is absolutely phenomenal. Rather it’s the sound of the miss that deserves some sort of daytime

Give this a Daytime Emmy Award.

Nominate it for an Oscar.

Put it in The Louvre.

Put it in a time capsule. Let them dig this up in a thousand years and celebrate a football fossil they’ll put in museums and write books about.

How we got something so beautiful out of a game that was so utterly unbelievably ugly is why football is the greatest sport on this planet.

The good news for Boswell is that he got another chance to kick a game-winner and redeem himself.

So everyone wins here — well, except the Bengals, sorry Cincinnati. Boswell doinked a kick so hard it scared dogs, he got another shot to redeem himself, and we were gifted with absolute kicker carnage straight out the gate to start the season.

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