A prediction for the MLB playoff picture and what would happen if the postseason started today. (Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images)

Predicting what would happen if the MLB playoff picture remained the same because the season ended today.

The MLB playoff picture continues to take shape. Magic numbers are shrinking daily. What if the season ended today?

If it did, we might just speed up the inevitable. There is less than a month of regular season action left. Only a few teams have a logical shot to sneak into the postseason. A few others can move up a spot.

How might things go if the postseason began right now? Let’s make some predictions.

MLB playoff picture: Seattle Mariners defeat Tampa Bay Rays 2-1 in ALWC

The Seattle Mariners would have to go to Florida to play the Tampa Bay Rays in a best of three series to help open things up. The Rays have hung around all year but it’s the Mariners who seem to have the greatest momentum. This would make for an interesting series. It’s hard to believe the Mariners would fall to the Rays but let’s give Tampa Bay at least one win in the best of three contest. They would, after all, have home-field advantage.

MLB playoff picture: Cleveland Guardians defeat the Toronto Blue Jays 2-1 in ALWC

The Cleveland Guardians would host the Toronto Blue Jays to begin their postseason trip. Despite having more regular season wins than the Guardians, their strong push late in 2022 would be enough to give them the edge over Toronto. Plus, with some walk-off magic available, let’s say they win at least one in style with an extra inning win to take the series 2-1. We can give the winning hit to Steve Kwan.

MLB playoff picture: St. Louis Cardinals defeat the Philadelphia Phillies 2-0 in NLWC

The St. Louis Cardinals are a much different team than the last time they faced the Philadelphia Phillies. Minus Zack Wheeler at the moment, it’s hard to picture Philadelphia taking down the much mightier Cardinals team that is a bigger threat than most may believe. It’s a sweep with one close game and one blowout.

MLB playoff picture: Atlanta Braves defeat the San Diego Padres 2-1 in NLWC

Juan Soto goes hitless in the first game but helps the San Diego Padres beat the Atlanta Braves in the second. However, it’s hardly enough. Atlanta still wins the series with a bloodbath in the finale which is capped off by a grand slam in the first inning. There is no way the Braves are settling for an early bounce in the postseason. They are going onto the NLDS.

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