It was a moment King Charles III will never forget. 

His Majesty was officially proclaimed king at the first-ever televised Accession Council at St. James’s Palace in London on Sept. 10. Several members of the royal family were in attendance, including Prince William and Queen Consort Camilla.

While Charles succeeded the throne immediately after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on Sept. 8, it isn’t until this meeting that the proclamation is made. 

According to the royal family’s official website, the council is formed by “Privy Counsellors, Great Officers of State, the Lord Mayor and High Sheriffs of the City of London, Realm High Commissioners, some senior civil servants and certain others invited to attend.” 

The meeting is divided into two parts. Part one takes place without Charles and involves the Privy Council formally announcing Queen Elizabeth II’s death and proclaiming the succession of the new Sovereign. As Buckingham Palace noted in a press release, “various consequential Orders, including the arrangements of the Proclamation” are also approved. 

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