MLB recently began offering college students free MLBTV, an offer presented by one of their partners, Cue Health.

MLB recently began offering college students free MLBTV for the rest of the season with student credentials, presented by Cue Health, one of their partners. This will allow students to watch out-of-market games without having to pay a monthly fee like before.

The offer is available on There’s still plenty of the regular season left for fans to enjoy and an exciting postseason to follow.

According to, there are also several other services available on MLBTV. The website states:

“In addition to the exciting slate of games available each day, MLB.TV subscribers can watch MLB Big Inning, bringing fans all the best action from around the Majors via live look-ins and highlights seven days a week, so you never have to miss a big moment. Plus, there’s a wide range of on-demand content in our ever-expanding library, including documentaries, classic programs, original shows like MLB’s Carded and Baseball Zen, and more.”

The move could also benefit MLB by drawing in more fans.

Free MLBTV for college students could draw in more fans

Access to major league games could draw in fans that weren’t willing to pay to watch before. Students may watch with friends or as part of social events, which could draw in more fans and allow the league to grow even more as an organization.

With several teams across many cities and many star players, students are likely to find a team or player they resonate with and may become frequent supporters of the league.

This is a great opportunity for both college students and MLB.

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