If it works, don’t question it. Young Red Sox star Triston Casas has an interesting relationship with the earth that he works into his pregame.

Have you heard of “grounding” or “earthing”? Here’s a quick refresher for you to bring up next time you’re in a long checkout line at your local grocery co-op.

Earthing is the process of walking barefoot on natural soil or grass to reconnect the body with the earth and synchronize the body’s vibrations with the earth’s vibrations. Sound out there? A lot of people like it!

Among those that practice, the routine is Triston Casas, the newest call-up for the Boston Red Sox.

Casas’s pregame routine quickly attracted the attention of plenty of reporters and fans for how bizarre it looked on its face. Casas walked around Fenway Park barefoot. He’s also been known to lay in the grass pregame and soak up some rays.

Now, though he practices the earthing or grounding process, Casas doesn’t actually prescribe or get into the supposed science. Here’s what he told Mac Cerullo:

“I don’t necessarily like caffeine, I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks. I feel better after I get some sunlight on my body so that’s what I do. I go out there on the grass, I don’t think too much into it with grounding or science, I just feel better after I do it.”

Casas is going to spend the rest of the season in the majors as the Red Sox put the finishing touches on what has turned into a really rough year. Casas went 1-of-4 in his first game with the team on Sunday.

Triston Casas not the first MLB player to practice earthing and grounding this season

Earlier this year, Matt Carpenter had a major career resurgence with the New York Yankees. His pregame routine consisted of a 30-minute barefoot walk in the outfield.

The way the Yankees are playing lately, they just might want to have the rest of their team give this a try.

Our only question: Does this work on turf?

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