Episode Five, “Smoke and Mirrors”

Despite ascending the throne in February 1952, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t coronated until June of the next year. (An earlier episode indicates that this was a move made by Prime Minister Winston Churchill (John Lithgow) to keep power.) Episode five of The Crown highlights what an affair the coronation was. Philip is put in charge of the ceremony, infuriating many with his suggestion to televise the event.

As for Elizabeth? She struggles between family and duty after her uncle, the former King Edward VIII, known as the Duke of Windsor, and his wife Wallis Simpson are not invited to the coronation. She eventually embraces her new role as the head of monarchy, taking on the crown with a silent grace.

Episode Seven, “Scientia Potentia Est”

With the advances of science rapidly growing, Elizabeth realizes there were gaps in her education, having focused solely on the country’s Constitution. Knowing that she will have to interact with those of great intellect, the queen enlists the help of a private tutor.

She also tries to promote longtime private secretary Martin Charteris (Harry Hadden-Paton) to a senior role over another deserving, albeit older, employee. During this story line, she indicates that Martin is the closest thing she has to a friend, suggesting the loneliness she feels as the sovereign.

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