And just like that, Ice-T and Coco‘s daughter is off to big kid school.

On Sept. 7, the couple shared photos from Chanel‘s first day of first grade. Before arriving in her classroom, the 6-year-old student posed for a photo, which revealed her pink outfit. She also held up a first day of school sign that confirmed Chanel loves dancing and wants to be a singer when she grows up.

“First Day of School!!” Chanel wrote on her Instagram, which is run by her parents. “I told mommy I know I’m a big girl but I want to stay your baby…Can I be a big girl baby? And she told me no matter what I’m her baby forever.”

Coco described her daughter’s first day of school as “bitter sweet” alongside a photo of Chanel. As for Ice-T, he simply couldn’t believe how quickly life keeps moving.

“Time flies…@BabyChanelWorld,” he wrote on Twitter. “1st day of 1st grade today…How about that…Wow.”

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