The wedding may be over, but the magic is just beginning.

Less than two weeks after Jennifer Lopez exchanged vows with Ben Affleck during a Georgia ceremony, the singer kept the celebrations going by sharing brand-new photos of her special day.

As seen in her On the JLo newsletter, the newlywed looked back on her weekend that started with a rehearsal dinner and ended with a sparkling reception filled with fireworks.

“For us, this was perfect timing,” Jennifer shared when looking back on her Aug. 20 nuptials. “Nothing ever felt more right to me, and I knew we were finally ‘settling down’ in a way you can only do when you understand loss and joy.”

Despite a few hiccups leading up to the big day including family members catching the stomach bug, Jennifer said she felt a “calm and easy certainty” that everything was going to work out. Sure enough, her wedding ceremony was “perfect.”

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