Wondering what your fellow Amazon shoppers think of the Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel? Check out the following reviews.

“Love to put this on after sunbathing and showering. Makes your skin feel so smooth. Dried out feeling no more! Works great on kids with dry skin also. Satisfied customer here!”

“This stuff is awesome. i’m very expressive and make lots of facial expressions without realizing it, therefore I have prominent forehead wrinkles for a 21-year-old. I put this stuff on my forehead each night and it helps a lot!! I’ve also heard that it works great on stretch marks! Amazing.”

“I’ve been using this oil for years. I have very sensitive skin and this oil is fantastic as a body moisturizer. The scent is very light to nonexistent.”

“I have seriously dry, peeling, and flaky skin after having a major surgical procedure on my leg. I’ve tried multiple therapeutic creams and lotions, none of which worked. OMG! The dramatic difference in my skin was unbelievable. One application and my skin is no longer flaking and peeling. Best dry skin product ever!”

“I have excessively dry skin and eczema. I was really impressed with this stuff. Not only did it moisturize my skin, it left it baby soft. I usually have to scrub and exfoliate to get this soft. It does have a light medicinal smell, but that’s easily covered with perfume or cologne.”

“I’ve tried so many products for the bumps on the back of my legs, and this has been the only product that helps the dry skin behind my legs. My legs haven’t been smoother. It’s worth every penny!”

“Game changer. I always loved Bio-Oil, but this gel is less messy and works equally as well. Love it! I can even use a tiny bit on my face and it doesn’t cause breakouts. It’s my new favorite.”

“This stuff is AMAZING! A little goes a long way and my skin is super soft. If you put it on at night, your feet will still be soft in the morning. A must buy! 10 stars!”

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