For those watching the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox game on Sunday night, you may have seen a promo for the upcoming horror movie “Smile” behind home plate.

This week, New York Yankees star Aaron Judge hit his 60th home run of the season. That meant he was one away from tying Roger Maris’ record, which is the most ever hit in a season in the American League.

The Yankees hosted the Boston Red Sox on Sunday Night Baseball. For those viewers watching they may have spotted an apparent movie promo behind home plate. It is not a poster, rather a person staring into the camera and smiling.

Apparent horror movie promo distracts from Aaron Judge home run chase

This is apparently a promotion for the upcoming horror movie “Smile,” which releases in theaters on Sept. 30. The individuals are seen sitting or standing still, staring into the camera, and hold a smile, while wearing bright t-shirts that say “Smile.”

This is not just a one-night thing. Hell, it’s not even a one-stadium thing. Throughout the weekend, there was an actor sitting behind home plate and smiling at the Yankees-Red Sox, Oakland Athletics-New York Mets, and Los Angeles Dodgers-St. Louis Cardinals games.

It is a clever marketing strategy, if this is truly it, as people are taking to social media to talk about it. Now that you’ve spotted it (and possibly lost any chance of sleep), will you go see the film?

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