In the wake of an upset loss at home to App State, Jimbo Fisher is now officially statistically worse than the man he replaced.

Jimbo Fisher might have a lot of ranches, but he also has a lot of losses as the head coach of Texas A&M. It’s getting to the point where we have to start wondering which number is higher, which isn’t going to be something that sits particularly well with Aggies fans after Saturday’s upset loss at home to Appalachian State.

To be fair, it seems that all App State does is collect checks to come into big houses and start breaking things and scaring the owners. They infamously hammered Michigan back in 2007, knocked off No 14. ranked Coastal Carolina to earn a xTop 25 rank last season, and rolled into College Station this weekend tp drop-kick A&M into the depths of Hades.

There’s a reason 15 years separate App State’s wins over Top 10 schools though — it’s not supposed to happen. At least that’s the impression schools like A&M give off when they hand coaches like Fisher $90 million contracts or pay as much as

In the wake of the upset loss, someone dug up a pretty damning stat that punches a hole the size of the sky through any sort of argument that Jimbo is anything more than an overpaid retread of what the Aggies already had.

Time is truly a flat circle and Jimbo is one game worse than his predecessor Kevin Sumlin was through their first 50 games as head coach at A&M.

The knee-jerk reaction here is to claim this is a misleading stat, but the numbers don’t lie. It’s easy to point to Fisher winning a national championship as a differentiating factor, but he did it almost a decade ago at a different school.

But what about how Fisher coached A&M to an upset win over No. 1 Alabama last season? Oh yeah, Sumlin did that too in his first season as head coach. The school has produced a Heisman winner but that was also under Sumlin and since Jimbo has arrived the school hasn’t produced so much as a finalist.

This all seems a bit rude to Fisher, and it’s easy to pile on after such an embarrassing loss. That’s what happens when a coach is getting paid $9 million annually for the next decade, expectations should be higher than what Jimbo is currently delivering at College Station.



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