Some Texas football fans have braved 95-degree heat to camp out for front row seats against Alabama, ready to “storm the field after beating Nick Saban.”

Rule No. 1 in college football is this: No, you do not actually want Bama.

Rule No. 2 is this: Never, ever bet against Nick Saban in a marquee early-season out-of-conference matchup.

Someone didn’t tell Texas football those rules early enough this year.

The fact that Longhorns fans have braved the heat and humidity in Austin to camp out two days before Steve Sarkisian’s team welcomes the Alabama Crimson Tide to DKR isn’t so surprising.

It’s a huge matchup to be a part of. The commitment of those fans is exactly why college football is so wonderful.

Still…guys and gals. Be real here.

That picture shared by Stewart Mandel showed a lot more water than alcoholic beverages, so those kids are hydrated and apparently sober. They can’t even blame the “storming the field” comment on being inebriated.

Texas is not storming the field against Alabama because Texas is not beating Alabama. Even the most optimistic Longhorn fans should know that.

The Miami Hurricanes thought they could do it last year. The result? 44-13 Bama.

In 2018 Louisville tasted Saban’s wrath. The result? 51-14 Bama.

USC met Alabama in Arlington in 2016. Some Trojans thought they’d give the Tide a game. The result? 52-6 Bama.

The closest any out-of-conference opponent has come since 2016 was Florida State in a 24-7 loss in 2017.

So maybe Texas fans are gearing up to storm the field after a 17-point loss? Beating the 20-point spread is realistically the only thing the Longhorns will be celebrating on Sunday.

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