Texas football had to suffer the indignity of being beaten by Texas Tech, then players on the field faced the wrath of field-rushing Red Raiders fans.

All those good feelings around Texas football have dissipated now that the Longhorns have dropped a second game to fall to 2-2 this season.

The loss to Texas Tech on Saturday was made all the worse because there was no moral victory to be had. The Longhorns were supposed to win. They blew a 10-point halftime lead and lost to a conference rival.

And the Red Raiders shoved the whole thing in their face. One of them took it too far.

Texas Tech fans hit Texas with most aggressive Horns Down in history

There are levels to celebrating an upset. Flashing a “horns down” at opposing players walking off dejected while rushing the field to celebrate beating them? All good. Love it, in fact. That video would have been great as is.

Unfortunately, there was another element caught on video. Putting hands on an opposing player while rushing the field? Absolutely not okay.

Rivalries are the best part of college football. Rushing the field after an upset is another special tradition in the sport. However, if fans act like that Texas Tech fan did, then rushing the field will have to become a thing of the past.

Let me repeat: You cannot put your hands on an opposing player while rushing the field.

Fan safety issues already threaten the concept of rushing the field. Highlighting the player safety aspect of it is a sure-fire way to get the entire practice banned forever.

Enjoy your upsets, but stay classy Texas Tech fans.

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