We’ve got a secret and we can’t keep it: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin will have a second season.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lindsay Calhoon Bring‘s reboot of Pretty Little Liars will have a next installment, HBO Max confirmed to E! News Sept. 7. The showrunners celebrated the news by noting in a statement that they were “beyond excited to continue telling stories with our amazing group of little liars,” who are played by Bailee MadisonChandler KinneyZariaMalia Pyles and Maia Reficco.

As for what fans can expect from season two? Roberto and Lindsay promised that the reimagining will continue to be this “new, horror-version.”

However, don’t expect season one antagonist Chip (Carson Rowland) to resurface in season two. Roberto and Lindsay exclusively confirmed to E! News in August that the character got the ending that many will say he deserved.

“Chip is an irredeemable character,” Lindsay told E! News. “Chip found a fitting end in our show.”

(Translation: He did die offscreen.)

When we last saw Chip, he was being targeted by the killer “A,” who was revealed to be Angela Water’s twin brother Archie. Chip had previously sexually assaulted best friends Imogen (Bailee) and Tabby (Chandler).

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