Earlier this month, Logitech said it was working on a gaming handheld to hook into your cloud gaming service of choice. Now, leaked images of the have danced their way across the internet. Looking like a slimmer Steam Deck (or Switch), the image shows icons for Xbox, GeForce Now and Steam, as well as Chrome and YouTube. On one hand, it looks a lot like so many of those clip-on braces that pair with your existing smartphone, like the . On the other, if this offers an affordable way to play AAA titles on the road while preserving your smartphone’s battery life, Logitech could sell a bundle. (And while you wait for it to launch, you can always , as Logitech upgraded those, too.)

– Daniel Cooper

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The disc model now weighs the same as the digital model did at launch.

The PlayStation 5 was famously swole at launch, which was a problem for the company that made it (and those that deliver it). But the Sony has put the console on has started to bear fruit, with an updated model. The new digital version is 200 grams lighter than its predecessor, and the disc version has dropped 300 grams. That means the disc model weighs the same as the digital one did when the console made its debut. We shouldn’t expect a PS5 slim any time soon, but it gives us hope that Sony is working hard to bring one to reality.

Get the best for your return to school.

Will Lipman Photography for Engadget

I get it – the easiest and most convenient thing to do when you’re in a dorm room is to watch TV on your phone. But let’s be honest, your eyes (and ears) deserve better, and there are enough decent, affordable options to improve your home entertainment time. Our has a bunch of good TVs, streaming sticks and audio gear to do what you need, without breaking the bank.

Employees said the company doesn’t do enough to tackle harmful content.

A lengthy report has detailed Twitter’s plans to build its own . The project hit the buffers, however, because the company couldn’t implement an effective-enough system to filter out CSAM and other non-consensual image sharing. Twitter insiders said its filtering platform is out of date, inefficient and not up to the task of keeping the platform safe for users at large. The company responded, saying the report is not reflective of where the platform is at right now, and it has stepped up efforts to tackle CSAM on its platform.

It’s presented as an alternative to the Glorious GMMK Pro.

Image of Drop's new Glorious-troubling mechanical keyboard.


Don’t believe the haters who keep telling you to stop using them in the library – mechanical keyboards are cool. And Drop is launching its . Looking very much like the Glorious GMMK Pro, the 75 is a 75 percent tenkeyless deck with Holy Panda X switches, DCX keycapa and a rotary dial. Be warned, while Drop normally aims for affordability, a pre-built one of these will set you back either $349 or $399, depending on the color you pick.

Two telescopes are better than one.

Composite image of the Phantom Galaxy taken by both the Hubble and Webb space telescopes.

NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope

This is a new image of the Phantom Galaxy (M74), 32 million light years away from Earth. The image offers an unprecedented look at a spiral galaxy that first bewitched astronomers in 1780. What’s even cooler is the image is a composite, pulling data from both the brand-new James Webb and the positively ancient Hubble space telescopes. It’s a testament to the longevity of Hubble, the improved power of Webb and the value of friendship and teamwork.

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