Ted Lasso is the mood booster the world needed.

The Apple TV+ series is beloved by many people across the world, and not just because it’s funny. Jason Sudeikis‘ enduringly cheery character, Coach Ted Lasso, is successful in inspiring those around him, including the pessimistic Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein).

For Sudeikis, it was a refreshing change from his past characters, like Horrible Bosses‘ Kurt Buckman, who are best described as jerks. “I personally didn’t want to play a buffoon, or use our time and our scripts to humanize a bastard—that had been done,” Sudeikis told The Guardian in July 2021. “Ted, the character: he’s looking for the best parts of life.”

And while Sudeikis’ character isn’t unique in his positivity—Jack McBrayer‘s Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock deserves some recognition, too—audiences and critics have clearly resonated with Ted. 

Since its premiere in August 2020, the show has garnered multiple awards, including Outstanding Comedy and multiple acting awards at the 2021 Emmys. Its second season is similarly successful, receiving 20 nominations for the upcoming 2022 Emmy Awards. 

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