Wondering what your fellow Amazon shoppers think of the EcoTools Professional Makeup Brush & Beauty Sponge Cleaner? Check out the following reviews.

“This product worked beautifully at home and would be perfect for travel as well. Quick setup and not a lot of effort required. Cleaned my makeup brushes quickly. It was so satisfying to watch the foundation and powder residue just come right out! Now they’re like new.”

“Went ahead and used it as soon as it came in. I used it with a makeup cleaning tool where it spins the makeup brush in the cleanser. It worked great and pulled out all of the foundation, concealers and eye makeup.”

“I highly recommend this cleaner for both makeup brushes and beauty blender sponges. It’s powerful enough to cleanse the makeup off of my brushes and sponges without being harsh. Since it really doesn’t have a fragrance, it’s perfect for my sensitive skin!”

“I got this yesterday and promptly washed all eight of my makeup brushes. It was easy. The color came out 85% on first pass. Second pass, removed the other 15% of the makeup. My brushes are dry, clean, soft and have no smell whatsoever. They look like new!”

“With most products you have to keep cleaning several times. This gets your product out quick and it’s clean. Leaves brushes feeling new again.”

“I’ve used antibacterial soap for years and my brushes get clean — or so I thought. This cleaner removed everything from my brushes and now they seem brand new. A little goes a long way and it’s scent-free.”

“I’ve never cleaned brushes before, I’ve always just used them up and then bought new ones, over and over. I used this on my oldest brush, which had been putting powder on my face for months and was probably pretty gross. It cleaned it up perfectly!! It was clean and smelled nice for the first time in forever! It’s so easy to use. I’m a lazy person by nature so if it isn’t easy to use, I probably won’t use it. This is easy. Try it!”


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