Trisha Paytas is responding to internet rumors about their pregnancy.

The social media star shared on TikTok that they are still “very much pregnant” and denied an online conspiracy theory that they gave birth to a reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Sept. 8 at 96 years old.

In a TikTok uploaded on Sept. 9, the influencer, who came out as non-binary last April and uses they/them pronouns, said they felt “embarrassed” to see their name trending under the late Queen’s.

“Yesterday on the internet, I, for some reason, was trending,” Paytas said in the video. “And I was so scared because I’ve been trying to stay out of drama and everything, and I realized the ultimate internet troll got trolled. And not in a good way. This was attention I did not want.”

Paytas did not comment on the rumors when it was trending trending because they said it “felt weird to say anything about anything for a number of reasons” and because it would’ve been in “poor taste.”

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