Minnesota Twins catcher Gary Sanchez avoided a serious injury by walking near the on-deck circle.

The Minnesota Twins went to the Bronx on Labor Day to begin their four-game series against the New York Yankees. But the day prior, the Twins almost had a catastrophic situation unfold.

During Minnesota’s game against the Chicago White Sox, catcher Gary Sanchez walked in front of the on-deck circle, where outfielder Gilberto Celestino was warming up with some practice swings. But Sanchez was too close for comfort, as he narrowly avoided getting hit in the face full force by the bat.

Twins: Gary Sanchez avoids disaster at on-deck circle

That could have been really bad for Sanchez, but luckily he just avoided what could have been a devastating injury. Celestino looked stunned that Sanchez was that close.

After the game, Sanchez explained the situation, saying that he was walking to the dugout to receive some information on Kendall Graveman, who was coming in the game for the White Sox. He then said how fortunate he was that he avoided getting hit.

“I had a few minutes to go and ask a couple questions about that pitcher,” Sanchez said via an interpreter, h/t ESPN. “I saw his bat was on his shoulder just standing there in the on-deck circle and so I went back to the dugout and I didn’t notice he was swinging.

“He almost hit me, but thank God, nothing happened. It’s just an accident. It’s fine.”

Sanchez rebounded in a huge way on Monday, as he hit a home run in his first game back at Yankee Stadium as a member of the road game. He was part of the trade this offseason that sent himself and Gio Urshela to the Twins in exchange for shortstop Isiah Kiner-Falefa and third baseman Josh Donaldson.

The good thing here is that the worst possible outcome did not happen. Thankfully, everyone is okay.

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