Last week Twitter announced that it would finally be introducing an edit button that users had been requesting pretty much since the app came out. While we knew that it would let you make changes for up to 30 minutes after posting, we’re now learning that you’ll only be able to make up to five edits too, TechCrunch has reported. 

A legitimate concern about editing is that users could alter the contents of a tweet after it’s disseminated widely, significantly altering the meaning. That could then potentially be abused to spread misinformation, scams and more, experts told The Washington Post. As such, the five-edit limit might be a way to prevent such abuse, though Twitter told TechCrunch that the number of edits could change based on user data it’s currently collecting.

We already knew that the feature would be coming to Twitter Blue subscribers first “in a single country,” Twitter said earlier. Now it confirmed that it’ll launch in New Zealand later this month, and once the company learns more about how it’s being used, it’ll roll out to Twitter Blue users in Australia, Canada and the US. So far, the paid service is only available in those four countries. 

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