MLB umpire Jordan Baker and Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve were the perfect odd couple during Game 5 of the World Series.

Jose Altuve is 5-foot-6. Even on a good day he looks diminutive compared to the other men at the plate.

World Series Game 5 umpire Jordan Baker is 6-foot-7. He makes just about everyone look short.

Put them together and you get a pretty hilarious image.

Viewers of Game 5 definitely noticed the height difference between the Astros batter and the ump. It was like watching a Little League game at times on Thursday night.

Umpire Jordan Baker makes Jose Altuve look like a little leaguer

Someone at the park needs to arrange a photo of the two standing side-by-side before the night is done.

Altuve proved that height is just a number with major contributions in Game 5. He hit a leadoff triple and became the opening run of the game in the first inning. In the eighth inning, he helped break the deadlock by getting on base with a walk, advancing to third on the next hit and then scoring again.

The 32-year-old is in his 12th season with the Astros. He’s been an All-Star and a World Series champion. The goal is to add another achievement to his career by leading Houston to the 2022 title.

While he started this year’s playoffs without much luck at the plate, he’s improved his postseason batting average with each subsequent series. In the first four games of the World Series against the Phillies, he had five hits. He added another on Thursday.

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